1. Crowd engagement: No single host can cater to every guest at an event, unless AV Facilitations is hosting it! AVF believes in leaving a lasting impression of every individual present at an event and we achieve this by making everyone an active participant. Be it birthdays, weddings or naming ceremonies we’ll have everyone laughing, dancing and enjoying every moment!


  1. Convenience: Organizing an event is a great task that needs planning and experience. AV Facilitations has both. We can organize end to end annual days, weddings and all parties covering decoration, DJ, MC’ing and everything in between. Once the project is handed to us, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your own party.


  1. Professionalism – There’s nothing like the details and little things when it comes to organising an event. And it’s best left to the professionals to curate the best activities and itinerary for your guests to enjoy. AV Facilitations makes life easier and events more happening with the most enthusiastic team of hosts and MCs with affiliations to the biggest names in the industry!