Events are not a one or two day ordeal. They usually take weeks or even months to prepare for and get everything in order. The event is organised by a client but more often than not it is the several guests in attendance that need the most catering to. This large number of people have a corresponding amount of opinions that your host will care a lot about.

Being an event planner is a full time job, and when we say full time we mean all 24 hours of your day! You’ll have clients, outsourcing agents and your own MCs to coordinate with. Choosing clients is another integral aspect of event planning. You must know the scope of your company and take on projects accordingly. A company of 10 cannot take on a grand wedding, it would be too much of a workload.

Never shy away from talking about money. Event management may be a field for the people but it is a business at the end of the day and you should be clear about the work you are doing and what remuneration comes out of it. As the name suggests, event planning is a ‘planned’ endeavor that must be calculated in detail with your goals chalked out for each week. The event planners that have their target set are the ones that can achieve it. A thing to keep in mind is that the event is your client’s. Though you’ll have original ideas, you must adjust and modify them to your customer’s preference and make sure the essence of their ideas is retained. Your team is the source of all the work happening and thus they must be highly trained and professional in terms of their work quality, punctuality and flexibility. Hire only the best of the best as you cannot possibly overlook every element of an event yourself and it will be your team doing the fieldwork. From Mc’s to the planners your whole team must be in sync with each other through coordination and cooperation.

Time is money and you must priorities everything according to the need of the hour, because you don’t have many in hand. Your client will demand several things at once but as a professional you must be able to navigate the situation and get things done in an orderly manner. There are many large scale events such as weddings, school outings, corporate training and product launches that require tens or tasks to be done every single day. The best event managers keep a level head and maintain their cool through every challenge. Event planning is a long term effort that comes together in one grand output. There is really no greater satisfaction than to see an event enjoyed by all its guests and organizers to the fullest!