About Master Of Ceremonies

Artist is who we are, the canvas is the crowd and the paint we use are the words and the brush we have with us is a mike. Our team of MCs believe that its the one in the mike who runs the chariot like the KRISHNA in Bharatha. AV FACILITATION provides you with the mc training in Bangalore. The only difference is here we use LAUGHTER as our weapon to fight the boredom of monotonous and obvious atmospheres. we bring in GAMES, we bring in JOKES, we bring in BONDING, we bring in TOGETHERNESS and we put a SMILE on each and everyone irrespective of the age and background.   While we carry a funny tickle, we are also aware of the sensibilities of words and our expertise in handling crowds of 100 to 5,000 people at once has helped us learn the right usage of them. We take great care in maintaining the decorum of the place and space we are in. What makes us carry on what we do is the smile on the Faces that we see at every show at the end.

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